Spirit-Led Technology (or “SLTy”, which we pronounce “salty”) is a message of life.   The scope of this subject is much bigger than most people imagine!

These perspectives should inform everything we do in information/technology.

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A biblical, God-centered understanding of high tech is distinct in many ways

  • Premise-The origins of information/technology: with God or mankind
  • Purpose-God’s overall plan and goal for technology
  • Principles-Godly (versus worldly) attitudes-how to think about technology
  • Practices-Guidelines for working with technology appropriately
  • Potential-The role of technology in the future

Expanding on some of the above topics…

Practices: Getting Things Done

A Spirit-Led high tech perspective influences how we work. We learn to create and use technology under God’s ongoing invitation and direction. This impacts all areas, including…

  • Planning
  • Resourcing
  • Implementation
  • Multiplying/Deploying
  • Evaluation

Foundations of High Tech

Recognizing God’s perspective leads to curiosity about the Big Ideas[1] underlying our high tech world. We need to discover if God is the Author and Designer, i.e. if there is a SLTy view of…

  • Engineering Creativity
  • Science
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Management by Objective
  • Mass Production
  • Economics
  • Government

[1] The listed elements have been recognized as crucial to the development of a sustainable high tech culture.